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What can Cycle Fit do for you?

  • Provide an exclusive, all-round professional bicycle setup experience.
  • Optimise your efficiency, performance and comfort.
  • Help prevent overuse injuries and reduce your medical bills.
  • Impart many years of cycling experience and knowledge.
  • Provide you with an in-depth understanding of why specific changes are made.
  • Thoroughly evaluate and understand your cycling needs and concerns.
  • Provide you with outstanding customer service.

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About the Founder

Arran Brown is the founder and director of Cycle Fit (Pty) Ltd, which he established in 2005 as a sole proprietorship and then formally incorporated in 2013. Arran’s practical and formal business skills have helped grow the business into an established brand within the cycling industry. Arran is the only cyclist to have achieved the Triple Crown, in the same year [2009], winning the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge and the Amashovashova Classic, the three biggest races in South Africa. Arran has also attained a PDBA and an MBA through Wits Business School. The learnings and insights gained from these two postgraduate qualifications have helped him add greater value to the business.

We stock a selection of setup related products.

Parts are recommended during appointments and fitted if required. We stock stems, saddles, cleats, shoes and pedals.
What our customers have to say about us!.

I just want to let you know that I had an incredibly enjoyable 94.7 on Sunday (and a PB to boot!) and I’m absolutely convinced it was in no small part due to the bike fitting from Cycle Fit. I just felt great with my new position on the bike and the manner in which you guys looked after all the ‘marginal gains’ from the warm and friendly greeting to the bottled water to the impressive and clean workshop left a real impression. I’d recommend you guys any day!


I was highly impressed with the quality of expertise and service Cycle Fit rendered. It was awesome stuff and I will definitely recommend your service. Thank you once again. At first the settings was a challenge to get used to, but now riding is a pleasure.

Riaan Greyling

I would like to thank Henry for the great setup session on Saturday and his advice on how to improve my pedal stroke. Not only did the change of saddle improve my ride comfort but I also did the best personal time ever at Sunday’s Tshwane Classic with a sub 3. I have no doubt that the changes had a huge impact on my performance. You guys definitely are great at what you do and I would recommend anyone to get a professional setup with Cycle Fit.

Herbert Simões

“I suggest going to cyclefit for anyone who is uncomfortable or experiencing any pain while riding, or new riders looking to get set up properly – It changed my ride.

My cleats and bike was done and I must say it was done very professionally. Henry helped and explained every move and setting to me. I would definitely revisit for upgrades in future. For the last 5 races I cramped after 40km and yesterday I did the 103km without any cramps. Thanks a lot I am sure part of the solution was my bike setup.

Johan Heyneke

I have to say that I have never been more comfortable on my saddle than the past week.  Following my visit to you, I cycled with a group of friends to Durban over 6 days.  I was dreading the saddle, but had absolutely no saddle discomfort, for the full duration of the trip.  This is a real first for me. I still had shoulder and neck discomfort, but suspect that this is due to my left shoulder muscles not being properly developed, which causes me to pull my shoulders up more than I should. All in all, I am a…


My setup was fantastic. The attention to detail was excellent and it was great to meet Marco, he is a great asset, very friendly and took me through every detail of the bike set up. It was very interesting to see all the state of the art technology that you have at your studio. I was experiencing back ache on the right of my back prior to having my bike set up and it was very interesting to see that the stem was not level, slanted to the right hand side, and that is perhaps the reason why I have…

Marc Roper

Yip, I can only say that there is certainly merit in the way you set up and the parameters that you use, having completed yesterday’s 94.7 without doing hardly any training –due to my broken collar bone accident 7 weeks ago, I sit here in absolute comfort and feel I could do it all over again. I think both my wife and my daughter are on their way to you shortly.


The proof is in the pudding as they say….. In general, the saddle was way more comfortable & I didn’t intentionally focus on speed, just tried to adopt the correct stroke. I’m sure things will continue to improve – Thank you so very much – very appreciative of all your help & advice.


I must say that it took me at least two weeks to get accustomed to the new pedaling technique you showed me. And to this day, i feel that i still need to concentrate on my pedaling technique while out riding. The results however are amazing, I wish that we were taught this technique back in 1999 when i turned pro. Once again, I must thank you for helping me set my bicycle and cleat position. You guys are truly professional, and i will always refer potential customers to you guys.

Owen Hennie, Supersport Presenter

My riding experience definitely improved and I feel so comfortable on my bicycle now. I did a 92 and 104km without experiencing any discomfort in my shoulders, back or neck. It now feels as if my bicycle was made for me and it fits me perfectly. Thank you for your professional assessment and fitting!

Michele van Wyk

Book today and let us help you!

Book today and let us help you!